Boo Cat Club

What a fantastic new venue.  There is a surprise at every turn!  Dinner took place in one room while the musical review show awaiting guests after dinner at The Boo Cat Club.

Exclusive Events, Inc designed each centerpiece based on a different musical. The performance stage was decorated with a light curtain overlaid with silver drape to represent shining lights.  The stage backdrop to this young man's performance was spectacular.  The entire room was lit in rich purple and blue with an overlay of broadway and city lights.  In addition to the centerpieces, drape, and lighting design, Exclusive Events, Inc provided all lounge furniture for guests to sit back and enjoy the evening.

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boocat7069.jpg, sweet treat, candy bar, candy bar wall, themed musical, exclusive events, inc

boocat7092.jpg, exclusive events, boo cat club, lounge furniture, broadway gobo, city lights 


Orlando's Banquet Hall

Exclusive Events, Inc had the immense pleasure of transforming Orlando's Banquet Hall into a very romantic and intimate wedding celebration.  We draped the ceiling in ivory and gold, while coordinating the walls with beautiful fabric draping. Lighting in tones of ivory and champagne allowed the room to glow, while each centerpiece was pin spotted with a direct focus of white light to allow the floral design to glow within the room.  Our white round dance floor was lit in an amazing mottled design of light to dance the night away.

Orlandos6914.jpg, Exclusive Events, Inc white dance floor, round dance floor, blush lighting, ceiling drape, orlandos 

Orlandos6892.jpg, Exclusive Events Inc, amber lighting, drape Orlandos catering, banquet hall 

Orlandos6931.jpg, Exclusive Events, Inc, white dance floor, round dance floor, gobo light, up lighting, pin spots 

orlandos6872.jpg, Exclusive Events, Inc, exclusive events, up lighting, pin lighting, drape, amber lighting 


The 9th Street Abbey

The Abbey never fails to be stunningly gorgeous for any event.  We absolutely love having the opportunity to create a lighting design inside this special venue.  For this event Kate & Co. styled and coordinated this light fresh garden inspired day.  Exclusive Events, Inc designed a multitoned and multilayered floral, moss, and ivy design to complement the floral design by Sisters Flowers. Exclusive Events, Inc's farm tables created the perfect head table tying in with the outdoor essence.

ninthstreetabbey3411.jpg, ninth street abbey, kate and co, kate turner, katie fogerty, katie turner, 9th street abbey, lighting design, april wedding, flower gobo, blue and pink lighting, flower light, pin spots, sisters flowers 

ninthstreetabbey3379.jpg, ninth street abbey, 9th street abbey, lighting design, gobo, pin spotting, pin light, uplighting, up lighting, exclusive Events, Exclusive Events, Inc 

ninthstreetabbey3396.jpg, ninth street abbey, Exclusive Events, Inc, Exclusive Events, lighting design, pin lighting, pin spotting, gobo lighting, floral design 

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