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Operations Assistant:

About Us: Exclusive Events, Inc. is an Event Design and Production Company that fabricates set and furniture pieces for all social and corporate events. Exclusive Events, Inc. employs technicians familiar with theater lighting, carpenters, scenic artists, craft and fabric artisans, and event designers on a full-time basis. Exclusive Events, Inc.'s fabrication shop and warehouse are located in the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo while traveling nationwide for installation and removal of our designed events are occasionally expected. Department Hiring: Warehouse and Event Operations: This person will work within our Operations Department. This department is responsible for maintaining the warehouse full of props, bars, stages, walls, set pieces, fabric inventory, lighting, sound, video equipment, and rental furniture. The Operations Department works on location as well as in the studio to organize, prepare, set up and remove all events. Requirements: Applicant must hold a valid driver’s license. Applicant must have a criminal background and drug test before employment. Schedule: There is no typical day, as each day can bring a new event and a new approach. However, there are consistent requirements during the week. A typical Tuesday would involve unloading the trucks full of rental events from the weekend prior. Once unloaded, the items are checked for damage, cleaned, and returned to their proper warehouse location. Wednesday through Friday involves receiving a pull list from the event designers, pulling the inventory and items needed for each upcoming event, and then loading the trucks in preparation for the load. Saturday involves loading in all rental items (bars, furniture, stages, drape, etc.) and installing a lighting design. The venue can be a hotel ballroom, a banquet hall, an outdoor tent, or many other different on-site event locations. If all goes well, the event load-in is completed by 3 pm, and there is a break for the day. A return would be between 10:30 pm and midnight to unload and strike the event into the trucks. Every effort is taken to remove events the next day. Two days a week off is the norm. The year will present our high season and low season. The low season is January to April, where hours are generally Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. The high season is May through December, where hours are usually Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am to 5-6 pm, and intense flexibility is needed for events that will happen mid-week or Sunday during this busy time of year. Ideal Candidate: We are merely looking for a teachable, motivated, hardworking, self-sufficient, team player, and a pleasant individual to join our team. If you have technical theater skills, that would be a plus but not a deal-breaker. No college degree is required. Reliable, consistent transportation is required. Hours will vary, therefore personal transportation is mandatory. Benefits: Pay begins at 20.00 with periodic pay increases based on merit. Time and a half for all hours over 40 in a week is paid. Room to advance. Paid time off (PTO). Health and dental insurance is offered upon the start date. Frequent company meals provided. After one year of employment, a 401K retirement plan is available. *The ideal applicant will be willing to grow with the position, have a flexible schedule, be adaptable to change, available to travel, and must have a positive, upbeat attitude. A great deal of time has been made to cultivate a positive and pleasant working team environment. If an applicant has a negative outlook, does not desire to be a team player, cannot adapt to a change in plan, or generally is unmotivated, this position is not the right fit. Drug and background testing is administered and required. *additional helpful skills would be comfortableness driving a box truck or a willingness to learn. FAQs: Relocation expenses not reimbursed; however, suggestions for housing is readily given.

Assistant Technical Director:

The Assistant Technical Director is a key leadership role within the entire Event Production process. The TD is available to help advise and work through options but the ATD must be ready to handle full drafting assignments and work independently. Additional day to day responsibilities include providing leadership on the shop floor, coordinating expenses and task delegation, communicating with designers, paint space, and operations departments. *Our company priorities are strong work ethic, time management, cost management, and mutual respect for all persons and departments. -Ability to read and produce technical drawings in AutoCAD required -Transferring design sketches and plates into CAD drawings -Figuring out how to make complex scenic pieces simply, cheaply, and effectively, so that they assemble quickly on site -Cooperating with other designers on looks, structure, safety, materials, etc -Contributing ideas for better utilization of existing stock pieces into new designs -Coming up with creative solutions to complex problems -Assisting ops, paint, and fabric artisans with creative solutions to problems unique to their respective departments -Contributing to and maximizing constant communication between departments, especially ops, paints, and management -Leading crews of workers on site -Cooperating and interacting with clients and other coordinators to ensure the correct outcome for the event -Commanding union crews on site on occasion -Assist with packing and unloading trucks before and after events -Double checking truck packs done by others to ensure safety -Executing site surveys -Teaching new hires how to use our equipment on site -Being more than proficient with scenic, electric, audio, electric, and fabric materials on site -Overseeing safe working conditions in the shop and updating OSHA booklets -Making sure that units are built correctly -Ensuring good craftsmanship of carpenters, and aiding and mentoring them in improving their work -Building units for various events, especially ones that are complicated and require added finesse and skill (furniture that involves plexiglass that can crack, etc) -Instructing carpenters on how to do more complicated tasks, such as building with plexiglass, welding, using special tools, materials, and adhesives) -Assisting scenic charge with paint treatments when appropriate -Ordering from material suppliers, wood, plastic, metal, etc -Ordering specialty hardware (from non traditional suppliers) in a timely fashion to be used on builds or load ins -Compiling shopping lists and purchasing expendables, tools, and hardware from various local retailers -Making sure all receipts are labeled and turned in. -assisting in building when required -Overseeing tool repair, including ordering parts for in house repair, and sending tools to be serviced. -Overseeing and repairing tools and equipment used by fabric, paints, and ops -Cataloging power tools -Overseeing and maintaining a clean shop, including daily service and maintenance of power tools (keeping them dust free, etc) -Disposing of old shows and units in dumpster -Assist in office cleanliness and maintenance-Assisting ops pack and load shows most weekends when they are backed up -Ensuring that rental pieces are maintained (plexi not cracked, wood pieces chip free, assist in paint touch ups) Employment Experience Knowledge of AutoCAD and management experience - experience working as a technical manager preferred Required: appropriate clearance of background and drug check; possession of a valid driver’s license Other A thorough knowledge of the methods, practices, techniques, materials, tools, and equipment used in the operation of stage settings, rigging, scenery, and lighting systems Working knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Act, with specific regards to the live performance guidelines Ability to handle multiple tasks with accuracy and to establish and meet deadlines High professional standards with acute attention to detail Physical Demands This is a fully on-site position requiring general mobility in carpentry shop, warehouse, as well as various off-site locations. Must be able to lift 50 lbs routinely. Compensation and Benefits The salary range for this position is $45,000 - $60,000, commensurate with experience. Additionally, the employee would be entitled to the benefits available to all full-time employees. This currently includes annual company-paid employee health and dental insurance, paid time off; 401k Retirement Plan after one year of service matching up to 4%. Our current Employee Benefits Guide will be provided to our final candidate.

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